Important Information

  • Feedlots – all breeders that currently have any animals at a feedlot must please supply a list of these animals to the office as soon as possible. The office must be informed of animal movements throughout the Value Chain for full traceability.
  • The Wagyu constitution requires that for stud animals, calves must be DNA verified to Sire and Dam i.e. both parents must be DNA tested. For CWB animals (commercial) all calves must be DNA tested to the Sire.
  • Ear tag must be in the ear within three months of birth. At the same time take a DNA sample and immediately send it together with the calf registration and DNA 780 form to the office
  • All animals MUST be registered on the Wagyu or CWB system database within six months as specified in the constitution.
  • Take the weaning weight of every calf at more or less 200 days (6 months). BREEDPLAN accepts all weights within the 80 – 300-day age range. Record the cow’s Mature Cow Weight (MCW) on the same day as the weaning weight of her calf. Report MCW by indicating “M” in the Analysis Indicator column.
  • Sale catalogues – If you are interested in having a sale or auction, please contact the office a month in advance to help with a catalogue and to make sure all animals are correct on the system.
  • PLEASE TAKE NOTE that the office will be closed from 13h00 on every pay weekend Friday (exact dates on the Wagyu Calendar).
  • The banking details have changed for all CWB payments, please note the new banking details at the bottom of each invoice and statement.