WWC USA Tour 2023

The World Wagyu Conference Tour, which welcomed over 50 international delegates, was a remarkable event held in Texas. The journey began on September 24th when a bus departed from the JW Marriott Hotel in San Antonio, taking participants on an exciting cowboy adventure through the Lone Star State. The tour was filled with captivating visits and sightseeing, offering participants a unique glimpse into Wagyu production in America. Stops included farms, ranches, embryo, and semen laboratories, and even a sophisticated Wagyu feedlot. In addition to these educational experiences, participants had the chance to explore iconic Texan destinations such as the Alamo, and the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame, and enjoy a delightful social event at the Fort Worth Stockyards.

The tour culminated in a memorable evening at the Rodeo on September 29th. Throughout the journey, one couldn’t help but appreciate the bus rides between destinations. Dr. Robert Williams, the executive director of the American Wagyu Association, added a creative touch to the experience by crafting daily poems about the old cowboys who once roamed these lands, facing their trials and tribulations. Mr. Chris Dickinson, the director of the British Wagyu Breeders Association, reciprocated with a poem of his own, highlighting the beloved Bucees convenience tour stops. It was evident that all the hosts at various stops were truly dedicated and enthusiastic about Wagyu, with a shared commitment to improving carcass quality and the overall dining experience. Their passion for the breed, whether Japanese black or Akaushi, was unmistakable. A heartfelt thank you was extended to Dr. Williams and his team for organizing and coordinating such a successful event. The hosts of the conference tour were also recognized for their warm hospitality, ensuring that guests were well-fed and hydrated during the hot summer days.

Looking ahead, there’s great anticipation for the next World Wagyu Conference, scheduled for 2026 in South Africa. This event promises to be another exciting opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and continue advancing the Wagyu breed on a global scale.