After a lot of effort during 2021 we were finally able to launch our upgraded website. Even though the website had a new look and feel to it we still had some work to do to make a tool which could be used by every site visitor to find all relevant information with regards to Wagyu.

Therefore, during the second half of last year we started building a Wagyu supplier database. We are excited to announce that the database is now up and running and all registered CWB Wagyu suppliers can easily be found on our website. New buyers of Wagyu, whether livestock or Wagyu product, have an easy to access database with contact details to find their ideal Wagyu supplier.

To view the Wagyu supplier database, you can follow this link https://wagyu.org.za/suppliers/. With this database we can easily direct potential customers to reputable Wagyu Suppliers at the click of a button. We would like to thank everyone involved for all the hard work that went in to putting this database together.