15 September 2017


Dear SA Wagyu member,

Geagte SA Wagyu lid,

I am very excited to announce that Dr Michael Bradfield has accepted the offer to become CEO of the Wagyu Society of South Africa!

As a Council we surveyed numerous CV’s but none had the qualificiations ; experience and track record of Dr Michael Bradfield. Please find attached the qualifications of dr Bradfield for our members’ information – you can be assured that the Wagyu Society will have one of the best CEO’s in the industry.

Dr Bradfield will officially start office on the 1 st of November 2017

As CEO his short and long term goals will be set out in the strategic planning session with council and Graham Truscott on the 20th and 21st of October.

Among other dr Bradfield will be tasked with the following:

  • Business planning – assist with the development of strategic and operational plans with immediate and longer range fiscal budgets to deliver strategic initiatives within sound financial parameters.
  • Operational delivery – delivery of the operational plans against clearly defined and monitored KPIs within approved budgetary targets.
  • Financial management and control – development of budgets to support operational plans, accurate financial management of resources and timely reporting of the financial condition.
  • Develop a joint Breedplan Analysis between AWA and WSA. This includes the implementation of genetic and genomic tests in South Africa, including Genetic defects and Wagyu Content analysis and expanding in the research for a predictor of Marbling.
  • Implementation of Certified South African Wagyu beef protocols throughout the Meat Value Chain (Producers- Feeders – Abattoirs -Deboning – and Wholesale).
  • Overseeing, amongst others, the following annual events:
  • Wagyu 101 Roadshows
  • Nampo
  • F1 Roundup Sale
  • Wagyu National Sale
  • Alfa show
  • Stockmanschool
  • AGM and Conference
  • Training of Inspectors

Dr Fanie Steyn

President – Wagyu SA.