Wagyu SA in good financial shape; AGM Report (WSA AGM Financial report)

Financial Committee:
As the board representative of finances, together with the CEO, we are pleased to present the
financial report for the Wagyu Society of South Africa for the 20202021 financial year, ending
June 2021.

Executive summary:

The overall financial position of the WSA is positive with a profit of R395 000 and is supported by
a steady R 908 000 bank balance (growing in the money market account) at 30 June 2021. The
dampened membership growth, sponsorships and semen and royalties, has however meant that
mitigation steps have been put in place. As reported last year, the CEO now has a shared
responsibility with Wagyu and the Livestock Registering Federation (LRF). Due to Covid 19, the
board closed the office and it then reopened this year.

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