Wagyu @ Nampo 2022

Nampo is one of the highly anticipated events on the Agricultural calendar in South Africa. The event is known for attracting everyone from committed producers to the curious onlooker. Over 70 000 people attended Nampo this year. Unlike pre-Covid years Nampo was extended with a full day starting on Monday 16th May. As per usual the opportunity was fully utilized to market Wagyu on all fronts. Sponsors that attended received good value for money through interactions with interested parties. More value was added to sponsors that could not attend and provided the Society with marketing material and contact information to distribute amongst attendees throughout the week. The Wagyu house was consistently active throughout the week. Our Social media platforms shared the Nampo experience as it was happening. The Society received a lot of compliments from other breed societies, the Nampo executive, Society members and other industry stakeholders. A good effort was put in by the management team that ensured the success at Nampo this year, Especially by Charmaine, Robyn and the Wagyu office staff that prepared the venue beforehand and worked in the kitchen during the week.