Wagyu Inspector’s Course

The Society’s annual inspector’s course, held on September 6, 2023, was a significant educational event. The course was facilitated by two of the Society’s Senior Inspectors, Mr. Stefan Terblanche, and Mr. Waldo Scheepers. Their dedication and enthusiasm were evident throughout the day, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees. Participants in the course were particularly appreciative of the two inspectors’ passion and commitment to the Wagyu breed. Their ability to present complex information in an easily understandable manner was a noteworthy aspect of the course. The inspector’s course also marked the launch of the newly designed illustrative Wagyu Inspector’s Manual. This resource was made possible through the contributions of Mr. Charl Hunlun, a long-time friend of the Society, who ensured the information was both updated and accurate.

The manual’s design and illustrations were the work of Ms. Robyn Kars. The manual can be accessed on the Society’s website at https://wagyu.org.za/manuals-breedplan/. Furthermore, the event was made possible with the support of Fredericksburg Wagyu, who provided their facilities and cattle for demonstrations during the inspector’s course. Their involvement and generosity were integral to the success of the course. This event and the launch of the new manual have contributed to the dissemination of knowledge and the improvement of inspector training within the Society, reflecting the commitment to maintaining and enhancing the breed’s standards.