The first fully virtual Wagyu Elite National and Out of the Flask sale was held on 25 February at the Afridome Parys. Even though no animals were present at the facility, all animals were inspected beforehand. The animals, semen and embryos presented at this auction went through an intensive selection process that ensured that only top genetics were put up for sale. The selection process was coordinated through Waldo Scheepers and his Breed Improvement Committee. Bidding took place at the venue and buyers could register online with SwiftVee to bid from home. We would like to thank Vleissentraal, with Allan Sinclaire as auctioneer, for coordinating this event.

The bull sold for the highest price was R150 000. There were two bulls sold at this price by Stella Wagyu and Beyond Beef, the purchasers were RC van Tonder and Trifill Wagyu. The average price for bulls sold at the auction was R86 000. The heifer sold for the highest  price was R120 000 (pregnant heifer). The heifers were sold by Absolute Wagyu and Rising Sun, the purchasers were Fredericksburg Wagyu and Ebuhlanti Breeders. The average price for a heifer was R30 000 (open heifer) and R81 667 (pregnant heifer). The cow sold for the highest price was R70 000. The cow was sold by Beyond Beef and the purchaser was M van Dyk. The average price for a cow was R40 000. The highest embryo lot was R65 000. The lot was sold by Absolute Wagyu and the purchaser was Greyling Broers Trust. The average embryo lot was R7 615. The highest semen lot was for R5 500. The lot was sold buy Kentucky Wagyu Stud and purchased by Glen Walton Wagyu. The average semen lot was R2 673. Congratulations to the buyers and sellers.