The Wagyu Conference took place at the Afridome Parys on the 25th of February 2022. With nearly 100 attendees for the day the conference went down with out a hitch. This was the first time since Covid hit that we were able to host a conference with people physically attending on the day. We were reminded by Mr Johan Strydom that Wagyu is a premium product with a market that appreciates quality over price.  Mr Gerhard van der Burgh showed that it is possible to be profitable and that volume is a key determinant of success. The breakdown of the Wagyu forequarter by blockman Renier de Jager was one of the highlights of the conference. The day was closed with an unforgettable dinner in an authentic Japanese style prepared by chef Keigo Takamori. All who attended agree that the event was a major success and we are all looking forward to the next conference. The conference presentations can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzco9_aqaMD83r6hwPh055auMEEguwgVO. We would like to thank all our sponsors for their contribution to the event.

We had our annual prizegiving in the evening. Congratulations to all the well-deserved recipients.

  • Heifer sold for the highest price at the last auction – Llewellyn Angus trust (Sponsored by Cavalier & Ebuhlanti Wagyu Breeders)
  • Heifer purchased for the highest price at the last auction – RC van Tonder (Sponsored by Morgan Beef & Kiruwashi Wagyu)
  • Bull purchased for the highest price at the last auction – Terra Victus (Sponsored by Molatek & CPG)
  • Bull sold for the highest price at the last auction – RW Jefferey (Sponsored by Sernick & Foods of Tommorow)
  • Breeder with most SNP files on record – Platinum Beef (Sponsored by Stella Wagyu)
  • Breeder that submitted most performance data (>100) – Ebuhlanti Wagyu Breeders (Sponsored by Infracor)
  • Breeders that submitted most performance data (<100) – Fredericksburg Wagyu (Sponsored by Platinum Beef)
  • Sire with most progeny recorded – Kiruwashi Wagyu FGW120002 (Sponsored by Protea Wagyu)
  • Animal with highest ranked Feed Efficiency result in the past year – Beyond Beef BB190125 (Sponsored by Vytelle)
  • Wagyu friend of the Society – Charl Hunlun (Sponsored by Zuney Wagyu)
  • Wagyu Society Merit award for services rendered – Dr Baldwin Nengovhela (sponsored by the Wagyu Society and Certified Wagyu Beef)
  • Wagyu Chairman’s award – Fanie Steyn (Sponsored by Trifill Wagyu)
  • Wagyu Chairman’s award – Frans Stapelberg (Sponsored by Karoo Wagyu)