Wagyu Cape Day 12 April 2022

The Wagyu Society travelled to the Western Cape for a Cape Wagyu Day on the 12th of April 2022. The Wagyu Chairman, Johan de Vos, gave an overview on the status of the Society. He highlighted the fortunate position of Wagyu in South Africa due to its already established traceability system through CWB. However, there remains concern regarding the spread of FMD in the wider livestock industry. Although access to export markets has decreased, the demand for Wagyu in the domestic market is still increasing. Wagyu would like to extend our appreciation to The Wagyu Experience for hosting the day and Fredericksburg Wagyu for sponsoring the Wagyu patties. We would also like to thank Allflex South Africa, Middelvlei Wine Estate, Berg River Breweries and all other participants who attended the Wagyu Cape day. We hope to see you again at the next Wagyu Cape Day.