Wagyu Burger sales at Nampo

Same as in 2019 the Society partnered with the Vierfontein NG church to bring our wagyu burger to the masses. There were 5200 burgers sold during the five days. We also had the opportunity to sell Wagyu biltong and droëwors from the Wagyu house. In just under a day 70kg of biltong and droëwors was completely sold out. Even the rain on Friday could not dampen the customers curiosity about Wagyu. Throughout the week customers were patiently queuing in front of the stall to get their Wagyu burger before the week was over. On Wednesday the 18th of May Elandri talked with Riaan Grobler of Pretoria FM about our Certified Wagyu Beef program. Riaan also had a live tasting of our Wagyu burger on air, describing the burger as “very flavourful and incredibly soft” to listeners.

Thank you to all who participated during the week. and a special word of thanks to the team for braaiing and building the Wagyu burgers during the week.