The World Wagyu Council

During the Covid-19 lock down period the Wagyu Society virtually presented the second World Wagyu Conference in November 2020. The ultimate result of the Conference was the convening of the World Wagyu Council (WWC) of which South Africa became the secretariat. The WWC is a platform that encourages international cooperation between the various Wagyu Societies of the various countries. Countries participating in the initiative include Australia, America, Britain, Germany, and Namibia. The WWC offers a platform for international societies to cohesively work together and solve recurring barriers.  The member countries meet quarterly where global technical and marketing issues are discussed. This initiative enables the South African Wagyu industry to compete competitively in the international market. As well as measuring itself against established international standards. South Africa will remain the secretariate until 2023 when the American Wagyu Association will host the next World Wagyu Conference.