The difference between a Stud/Seedstock & CWB/slaughter register?

The Society conducts its business as all other Societies in South Africa. Animals are recorded in the Stud Registry; producers pay a joining fee and an annual fee and a fee per cow. Each animal in this registry receives a Certificate that is available on request from the office. The grading up system for heifers is well known and starts with a F1 cross, F2, F3, Purebred and Fullblood. This is known as a Stud Registry, and is similar to all other breed registries in South Africa, except that the Society runs a cross-bred genetic evaluation to accommodate Akaushi and Japanese black. The Certified Wagyu Beef slaughter registry is different and only records slaughter cattle (mainly oxen). Its fee structure is also completely different to the WSA registry and includes a fee for DNA testing, use of the camera etc. Though you may wish to record your commercial female animals in this registry, it does not keep record of F1, F2 and F3 animals and does not have a grading up system in place.