Selection Indexes

Our producers now receive monthly genetic evaluations that covers both growth and carcass traits. We now have the following records being analysed:

Birth Weight: 16425

200 day weight: 21216

400 day weight: 15059

600 day weight: 15081

Mature weight: 1979

Carcass weight: 4361

Carcass Eye muscle 2694

Carcass IMF (marbling) 5367


Estimated Breeding Values – EBV’s (the gold standard for selection) are being produced for all these traits. However, the ultimate goal is to put the appropriate weighting on these traits to produce an “Overall EBV’ to target a specific production environment. WSA is working with ABRI-BREEDPLAN to produce a “Selection Index” targeting two production systems i.e.

  • a terminal production system for the production of F1 calves and
  • a self-replacing Index for the Stud-Seedstock producer to produce replacement heifers and still put emphasis on high marbling bulls with good rib-eye’s.


The breed improvement committee, with input from leading producers, are also examining different feeding regimes for different ages for example 300, 350 and 400 days on feed for F1 production, and to examine if bulls will rank differently. Results will be shared with members before being finalised. A questionnaire for producers will also be circulated.