Forms & Reports

6. Protocols (HOW TO / Wat om te doen vir telers)

7. Aksieblaaie (word slegs deur Genootskap gebruik / Only used by Society staff)

8. Become a Wagyu Sponsor

9. Member list / Ledelys

10. International Travel Reports

11. Tags and Applicators

A special price is on offer for all Wagyu members for tags. The fee structure for all Wagyu Services, Tags and Applicators is available here.

For more details of how to use the Tissue Sampling Unit (TSU) click here, or go to the Allflex  South Africa website click here.

Allflex TSU how to guide: click here
Best cattle targeting practice guide: click here

Tag Applicator Order Form: view here

For more details on visual cattle tags click here
Applying visual cattle tags click here