Focus on future vision for Wagyu

The last Wagyu World Conference was held in Australia in 2015. Though we are a small country South Africa has put up its hand to host the conference. This gesture has been welcomed by the executive of the Australasian Wagyu Association, American Wagyu Association and the Akaushi Association. We were going to hold the conference in country in August this year but an outbreak of F&M and then Corona scuppered these plans. With the approval of the three major World Associations, South Africa will be hosting the conference virtually this year from the 10-12 November (and hope to host in in country in 2015). We have an interesting program and all members should benefit from the information.

Tickets can be obtained on the quicket website

Click on this link for the program.  You are welcome to contact for further details.

Highlights will include:

  • Why Wagyu can make the claim that it has a superior product
  • International Wagyu cookoff by the world’s best chefs
  • The reasons to be optimistic about Wagyu’s international demand
  • The case for Wagyu as part of a healthy diet
  • Carcass grading technologies & systems