Feed Efficiency Test Opportunity

  • Feed remains a critical component in the production costs of your Wagyu enterprise.
  • The Breed Improvement Committee recognises this and has set as an objective to have feed efficiency included as an EBV and yet to be developed Selection Index.
  • The Sernick test facility is fully booked until the end of the year. The ZimMeyer facility outside Lindley has implemented a state of the art Growsafe facility.
  • The facility can accommodate 48 bulls from the 10th May and another the 29th


  • Animals should be between 210-700 days of age when entering the test.
  • Animals MUST be in a contemporary group i.e. it is recommended to have a minimum of five progeny per sire in a group, and at least two sires represented in each group. The group must be born within a 60 day period.
  • The test is run over a 90 day period and
  • Groups will be penned together at the station.


A standard feedlot diet will be used. The cost will be the feed cost and a R1000 management fee.

Please let myself or Elandri know if you are keen to participate in the test.