Exports of Beef

During 2022 FMD has spread throughout 5 provinces within South Africa. This has had many negative implications for producers such as livestock movement restrictions and raised consumer concern. The outbreak of FMD in 2019 caused South Africa to lose its OIE FMD-Free status. The impact on the countries red meat exports was significant with countries reinstating bans on all beef from South Africa. As a state notifiable disease controlling the disease remains the duty of state. Which include vaccinations and control of livestock movements. However, winning back South Africa’s FMD-Free status will take some time. This leave producers in a quite a predicament. In a country where producers are primarily price takers, exports play an enormous role in the price retailers are willing to pay to producers. Exports gives the producer an alternative avenue in which to sell his products at a better price. This negotiating power affects all producers selling to the local market in any capacity. While state is working towards recovering its FMD-free status many have started looking towards less FMD sensitive countries. The Society is fortunate to be able to assist with getting producers in contact with the right people that can give them better direction. We therefore urge any producers looking into the export market to get in touch with Elandri at elandri@wagyu.org.za.