Dive in with Wagyu

The 2023 conference was a deep dive into the world of Wagyu beef, providing attendees with an informative and inspiring experience. The event featured exceptional presenters who covered a range of topics, including Wagyu for health-conscious consumers, insights into how beef consumers allocate their spending, and the psychology of selling Wagyu beef. These presentations left attendees with fresh perspectives and ideas. Over the course of two days, more than 80 participants from various sectors of the Wagyu value chain were in attendance, making it a well-rounded and informative event. The presentations from the speakers can be accessed on the Wagyu website at https://wagyu.org.za/events/. The success of the event was attributed to the support of sponsors and the dedication of the speakers. Special appreciation was extended to Allee Bleue Wine Estate, Charmaine Alberts, Waldo Scheepers, and the Society office staff for their hard work in organizing the conference. In addition to the conference, the organization launched illustrative manuals aimed at simplifying complex concepts. These manuals include the Inspector’s Manual and Breeding Tools Manuals, which cover topics like EBVs (Estimated Breeding Values) and recording performance data. The Wagyu Beef 101: Wagyu Carcass Breakdown booklet was also introduced, and developed in collaboration with Mr. Anton Olckers, a specialized Wagyu Blockman. All these booklets were thoughtfully illustrated by Ms. Robyn Kars and can be accessed on the website at https://wagyu.org.za/manuals-breedplan/. This conference and the accompanying resources have contributed to the dissemination of valuable knowledge and information within the Wagyu community, further advancing the understanding and promotion of Wagyu beef.

The annual gala dinner was held on the evening of 7 September 2023. Congratulations to all our award recipients.

Completeness of performance – Carcass data (>100) – GLEN WALTON WAGYU sponsored by CPG.

Completeness of performance – Carcass data (<100) – SIMPLY WAGYU sponsored by Genepro.

Completeness of performance – Carcass data (CWB) – TEHILA BOERDERY BK sponsored by Soldus Wagyu.

Completeness of performance – Overall (>100) – FREDERICKSBURG WAGYU Sponsored by Ebuhlanti Wagyu Breeders.

Completeness of performance – Overall (<100) – LP BOERDERY sponsored by Allflex.

Completeness of performance – Overall (CWB) – TEHILA BOERDERY BK sponsored by Stella Wagyu.

Breeder with most SNP files on record – BEYOND BEEF sponsored by Unistel Medical Laboratories.

Sire with most progeny recorded – AW190038 – ABSOLUTE WAGYU sponsored by CPG.

Wagyu Chairman’s Award – JOHAN DE VOS sponsored by LA Farms.

Nomination for ARC  Platinum Bull of the  Year – EBUHLANTI WAGYU BREEDERS sponsored by Stella Wagyu.