CWB Audits & Morgan beef

After nearly six months of negotiation, we have finalised our agreement with CPG, SAMIC and the Department of Agriculture regarding the CWB audits. The intention is and has always been to provide our CWB members with a Registered Quality Indication Mark (claim and protocol) that is credible yet cost effective. The retail sector and producers are used to these audits for products such as natural beef, grass-fed beef, karoo lamb etc. The Wagyu “claim” is something new to Wagyu breeders however and I believe we have negotiated a system that is fair to everyone, including the retailers. The protocol and audit document needs to include the latest changes and will be distributed to all producers within the next few days.

For Wagyu to work, their needs to be a significant premium that allows producers to afford the audit costs. Developments in our Wagyu industry over the last six months is finally adding the value to the carcass that enables these costs to be absorbed by the producer.