How to complete the birth notification form

The birth notification form is used to record calves born on the farm. As well as the first nominations for the calf’s sire & dam. On this form the linkage between calf ID and RFID (for traceability) is made. This form is used to record births for Seedstock (Herdbook register), CWB (slaughter register) and base animals.  BREEDPLAN uses the information for the birth notification form to calculate the following EBV’s:

  • Days to Calving (DTC) – Fertility trait (from the AI date).
  • Calving Ease (CE) – Fertility trait (from Calving Ease Scores)
  • Birth Weight – Fertility (Calving Ease) & growth trait

How to complete the mating list form

The mating list form can be used to record a producer’s planned mating’s during the breeding season. This includes bull in & out dates, cow synchronization, AI & ET dates, flushing, pregnancy tests and culled cows/heifers. Use this form for all your Wagyu females (from F1 to Fullblood). BREEDPLAN uses the information captured in the mating form to calculate the following EBVs:

  • Days to Calving (DTC) – Fertility trait.
  • Gestation Length (GL) – Fertility trait.