CWB at the Hong Kong Food Expo – Important Notice

Certified Wagyu Beef will be exhibiting at the Hong Kong Food Expo on 17 – 19 August 2023. The decision to become an exhibitor at this international food fair was made to support our members with their endeavours to export Wagyu. Exporting remains one of the top priorities of CWB and the Society to create price parity in the market.

We call on all exporting members to send CWB their promotional materials (such as flyers, brochures, contact details, etc.) for distribution during the show. The promotional material should reach the office no later than 11 August 2023. Also, contact the office if you require more information.

Scanning at Abattoirs

The office is assisting members weekly with reassessing and evaluating carcasses that are being scanned in the abattoir. To decrease the turnaround time of releasing carcass results, please send your animal information to the office before the animals are slaughtered. The office will verify the information on the system and provide feedback on any errors.

Send an email with the Animal IDs, RFIDs and slaughter dates to

Wagyu SA Conference 2023

The Society is excited to announce that our conference & AGM will be held from 6 – 8 September 2023 at Allee Bleue Wine Estate, Franschhoek. The theme of the conference is ‘Dive in with Wagyu’, and we look forward to showcasing some interesting features Wagyu has to offer. There will be no virtual component or Sale at the conference this time. As usual, we will present an Inspection course the day before, on the 6th of September 2023, at L’Omarins. The inspection course must be attended by all new Society members to avoid compulsory inspection of cattle in the coming year. Our AGM is scheduled to take place, 4 pm on the 6th of September 2023 at Alle Bleue. The conference program and entry forms will be distributed shortly. For enquiries, please contact the office.

We are also reviewing our sponsorships for the conference. All members are invited to become conference sponsors. Sponsors of the Society receive the first option to exhibit and attend events with the Society and CWB. As well as the first option on sales of beef, biltong and droëwors at these events. Sponsors also receive a lot of exposure at the conference, including over our social media platforms. The sponsorship prospectus can be downloaded from our website at under 8. Become a Wagyu Sponsor. For more information, you can contact Elandri directly at

Using hair cards correctly

The office has received several samples in haircards that have been incorrectly placed. Here are a few tips to ensure that proper hair samples are taken. As well as reducing the risk of contamination:

  • Pull the hair out of the tail in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • Ensure that the sample size is at least the thickness of a pencil.
  • Stick the roots of the hair to the glued side of the haircard. Cut off the excess hair from the haircard.
  • Avoid touching the roots of the hair.
  • Don’t put the sample directly on any surface.
  • Immediately stick the sample to the haircard.
  • Include the animal ID and RFID on the haircard.
  • Properly close the haircard after inserting the sample.
  • Do not work with multiple samples at the same time.

View the video on using hair cards on the Wagyu YouTube channel

Rangeland Beef

Certified Wagyu Beef is launching the inclusion of Rangeland Beef a Nampo. The CWB program is inclusive of different production systems that conform to the requirements as set out by the CWB protocol and scheme. It is the onus of the producer to ensure that their production system meets the requirements as set out by CWB.

CWB has made provision for the inclusion of Rangeland Beef. Rangeland Beef under the CWB Scheme will refer to Wagyu raised for slaughter under the principles of Free Range, Slow Grown, Hormone Free and pasture reared. Animals raised under Rangeland Beef conditions will not go through the feedlot phase, instead, they are raised and reared on veld or pastures until slaughter. Veld- or pasture-reared animals are traditionally smaller to medium-framed units which are well adapted to the environment in which they are kept. It is therefore recommended that producers use a (dam line) breed to cross Wagyu that is well suited to their production environment, and which could facilitate a viable and sustainable end product.

Producers that participate in Rangeland Beef must inform the CWB office and the auditing body. The requirements for Rangeland Beef for each entity are provided in the protocol documentation. The new audit checklists with the criteria for Rangeland Beef are available from the CWB office. Contact Tumi at

Nampo 2023

The Wagyu Society will once again be seen at Nampo 2023 from 16-19 May. The popular Wagyu Burger will be on the menu again. During Nampo 2022 there were over 5000 Wagyu Burgers sold. This year our Gold Sponsors will also be selling Wagyu biltong & droëwors, which is sure to be a hit.

Due to the current unresolved status of FMD, no Wagyu animals will be seen at Nampo this year. The Society is also selling out the clothing stock in the office. Contact the office to enquire what is available beforehand and pick it up at the Wagyu House during the Nampo week.

We look forward to meeting you there!

Breeding Tools 101: What are EBV’s?

The Breed Improvement & Product Support Committees have put together an easy-to-understand manual for members. This is the first in a series of manuals to be released throughout the following months. Breeding Tools 101 illustrates what exactly contributes to creating EBVs. This helpful tool will guide you to not only understand EBVs but also how to use EBVs in your herd.

You can download the manual from the Wagyu website by following the link

The Wagyu Seminar 2023 – The current status of LITS SA

The fourth Wagyu Seminar 2023 was scheduled on the 14th of April 2023 @ 11h00. Willie Clack gave an overview of the LITS SA system. Establishing traceability in South Africa is part of the 2030 Red Meat Industry plan. The system currently allows farmers to voluntarily register and give feedback on the system. Follow the link to register on the system

Don’t miss out on our next Wagyu Seminar scheduled for the 12th of May 2023 @ 11h00. All members, family, and staff are invited to attend the seminar, as attendance is free. Register at

Follow our YouTube channel where we post videos about everything Wagyu in South Africa.

World Wagyu Conference 2023 – Update

American Wagyu Association

Annual General Membership Meeting & Conference   

September 21‐23, 2023

San Antonio, TX


World Wagyu Council (WWC)

WWC Conference & Tour

September 24‐29, 2023

San Antonio, TX – Fort Worth, TX


The American Wagyu Association is excited to be hosting the 2023 WWC Conference and Tour, September 24‐29, 2023.

The WWC Conference will start with the conclusion of the American Wagyu Associations AGM & Conference in the historic city, San Antonio, TX home of the Alamo, and complete the tour in historic Cowtown, Fort Worth, TX. For the WWC Conference and Tour, we will travel the great state of Texas visiting Wagyu and other industry facilities associated with the production of Wagyu cattle. Our  journey will also include numerous social and networking events and of course accompanied by great Texas hospitality. Specific agenda details and registration will be forthcoming.

For planning purposes, registration fees for each participant on the WWC Conference and Tour will be $2,400 USD. Registration will include transportation, meals, and housing beginning Sunday September 24, 2023, through Friday night September 29, 2023. Fees may be reduced for double occupancy  rooms. Airfare and personal expenses are not included in the cost of the trip.

You will need to arrive in San Antonio, TX on Saturday September 23, 2023, as the tour will begin Sunday morning September 24, 2023. More information on departure hotel(s) will be provided later.

After the WWC Conference and Tour you may plan to depart from the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW) on September 30, 2023.

If you need transportation back to San Antonio, TX, a bus will be available on Saturday September 30, 2023.

If you plan to attend the American Wagyu Association AGM & Conference, September 21‐23, 2023, prior to the WWC Conference & Tour, registration and housing will be separate from the WWC registrations and housing.

Complete registration, agenda, tour stops, and other details will be announced at a later date. For more information please contact:

Robert Williams, PhD Executive Director

American Wagyu Association



Phone: +1 (208) 262‐8100

Fax: +1 (208) 292‐2670

Free State Member Tour

The Free State Members tour was attended by members from across the country, as well as Namibia.

Tuesday, 14 February all tour members gathered at Riverside lodge Aliwal Noord where an old-school wagyu burger or cheese wagyu burger was enjoyed. Thereafter we visited Prime Wagyu which shared their long-term breeding strategy, different stages of production and the number of bulls in their bull camp with the tour. Two potjies were served for dinner wagyu oxtail and wagyu shin.

On Wednesday, 15 February, the tour made its way to Xhariep Wagyu which displayed its impressive Akaushi herd. An information session was held on RFID technology for record-keeping and an automatic animal drafter was demonstrated. In the afternoon the tour made its way to Bloemfontein to visit the embryo & bull station of Absolute Genetics. During the tour of the facility IVF respirations, sexing of semen and collection of semen were demonstrated to the group. The group retired at Maselspoort where a wagyu braai was held for dinner.

The last day of the tour on 16 February was held at A5 Wagyu Breeding farm. Presentations were given on the weather outlook for the next season, AFGRI animal feeds and the need to look at different data sources. The tour ended with a wagyu burger lunch.

We would like to thank everyone that attended the tour. Special thanks to the organizer of the tour Mr Samuel Pauw & Ms Charmaine Alberts and to the producers that opened their farm gates to the tour. Lastly to the sponsors of the wagyu beef that was enjoyed by all and the chefs that prepared the dishes.

 Farms/Facilities visited:

Prime Wagyu

Xhariep Wagyu

Absolute Genetics

A5 Wagyu


Wagyu sponsors:

Zuney Wagyu

A5 Wagyu

Absolute Genetics (Wednesday lunch snacks)