LRF Stockman School – Profit Drivers in Bull Selection

The Annual LRF Stockman School took place once again at Aldam from October 11th to October 13th, 2023. This year’s theme centred around “Profit Drivers in Bull Selection.” Renowned for its commitment to excellence, the Stockman School consistently invites distinguished local and international speakers to address pertinent topics related to leveraging science and technology for successful livestock operations. Among the esteemed international speakers featured in this year’s Stockman School were Mr Paul Williams from ABRI, Dr Steve Miller from the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit of the University of New England, and Ms Lisa Rumsfeld from Vytelle. The sessions covered a range of topics, including Single-Step Genomic Evaluation, selecting bulls for improved carcass traits, and Bull management. The practical sessions held on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons emerged as highlights of the school, offering hands-on experiences that enriched the learning environment.

We extend our congratulations to the LRF for orchestrating another successful Stockman School. The event maintains its significance on the livestock calendar, serving as a crucial platform for enhancing the knowledge base of leading farming operations. The commitment to bringing together experts and fostering discussions on cutting-edge practices underscores the school’s ongoing contribution to the advancement of livestock management. Kudos to the LRF for their dedication to the dissemination of valuable insights and best practices within the farming community.

LRF Prize giving dinner

Stella Wagyu wen die prys vir beste koei groep van die jaar. In die foto is Johan de Vos, saam met sy voorman Gert Prinsloo en sy vrou Delia Prinsloo.

On the evening of October 12th, 2023, the LRF hosted its prestigious award ceremony, a momentous occasion where recognition is bestowed upon farmers who exemplify successful farming through the integration of scientific principles. The awards, spanning various categories, are open to farmers across all breeds registered with the LRF. The ceremony aims to honour farmers who consistently strive for excellence, embodying an ongoing commitment to improvement and success in today’s dynamic livestock industry. It serves as a testament to the collective dedication of individuals who leverage scientific principles to elevate their farming practices. In acknowledgement of tireless efforts, unwavering dedication, and a profound passion for the livestock industry, we are delighted to announce that Stella Wagyu emerged as one of the winners in the Cow Group of the Year category. This recognition is a testament to Stella Wagyu’s outstanding contributions to the field. Heartfelt congratulations to Stella Wagyu for this phenomenal achievement. Their success not only reflects individual excellence but also contributes to the collective advancement of the livestock industry. We commend them for their continuous commitment to innovation and excellence.

Elandri de Bruyn ontvang die Dr Michael Bradfield Memorial Scholarship vanaf die Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) en die University of New England (UNE). Saam met haar is Paul Williams van ABRI en Johan Styger van die LRF.

LRF Ovarian Scanning and Selection Index Workshop

The LRF recently organized a comprehensive and enlightening two-day experience, the Ovarian Scanning and Selection Index Workshop, held at the ARC Irene. The workshop featured the esteemed speaker, Mr Paul Williams from ABRI, whose insights added considerable value to the event. A major highlight of the workshop was the in-depth discussions led by Paul Williams on the significance and benefits of ovarian scanning, shedding light on its pivotal role in enhancing reproductive management in livestock. The session was further enriched by a hands-on practical demonstration, providing participants with a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the scanning process.

The workshop also delved into engaging conversations about selection indices, exploring their importance and practical applications in the livestock industry. This aspect of the workshop aimed to equip participants with valuable knowledge and tools to make informed decisions in the realm of livestock breeding and management. The event not only provided a platform for theoretical learning but also offered a practical dimension, ensuring that participants gained tangible skills and insights that can be directly applied in their respective fields. Congratulations to the LRF for demonstrating their commitment to organizing such educational initiatives that contribute to the continual advancement of practices within the livestock industry.

Nampo ALFA

Alfa bywoners smul lekker aan Wagyu wat vir hulle gaar gemaak is

The NAMPO ALFA Livestock, Hunting, and Outdoor Expo took place at NAMPO Park just outside Bothaville from October 12 to October 14, 2023. Celebrating the harmonious intersection of livestock, outdoor lifestyle, and hunting, this event holds significant relevance within the South African agricultural community. The expo showcased practical demonstrations, including 4×4 vehicles, caravans, camping gear, hunting equipment, and a shooting range. Attendees had the unique opportunity to experience these aspects firsthand, immersing themselves in the practical use of various equipment. While smaller in scale compared to the annual NAMPO event held in May, the ALFA Expo drew an impressive 33% growth in attendance, with 8,330 tickets sold over the three-day period.

The Wagyu Society made a notable presence at the Wagyu house, offering visitors the chance to directly purchase Wagyu products from the breeders. In a unique twist, consumers could even request that the steaks they purchased be prepared on-site for immediate enjoyment. Within the Cattle complex, Wagyu was showcased with a bull, cow, and calf, providing onlookers with a firsthand encounter. This event underscored the ongoing interest among consumers and livestock enthusiasts to gain insights into Wagyu production and understand the nuances of preparing Wagyu to capture its enhanced flavour profile. Special thanks go to Zuney Wagyu for actively participating in educational demonstrations and facilitating direct-to-public sales. Additionally, gratitude is extended to Soldus Wagyu for contributing their animals to the event, enriching the experience for attendees who relish the opportunity to see and interact with these remarkable cattle.

Breeding Tools 101: What are EBV’s?

The Breed Improvement & Product Support Committees have put together an easy-to-understand manual for members. This is the first in a series of manuals to be released throughout the following months. Breeding Tools 101 illustrates what exactly contributes to creating EBVs. This helpful tool will guide you to not only understand EBVs but also how to use EBVs in your herd.

You can download the manual from the Wagyu website by following the link

Commencement of CPG Audits 2023

CPG will commence with the annual audits for 2023 starting in March. Last year the audits were carried out online due to FMD. However, this year audits will be carried out on-site. Please take note of the following:

  • All CWB members are to be audited annually.
  • Action taken to correct findings from previous audits must be shown. Send an email to if you have not received your previous audit report.
  • An audit can only be postponed once.
  • To decrease the travel cost of the auditor, audits are scheduled on route. If an audit was postponed the member will be solely responsible for the travel cost of the auditor.
  • The office will send out the scheduled audit dates via email.
  • The CPG auditor will contact the member to confirm the time of the audit by latest a week before the audit is to take place.

Members who do not show up for their scheduled audit automatically fail the audit. A subsequent audit will be scheduled, and both the failed and subsequent audits will be billed to the member. To prevent a failed audit due to lack of attendance, contact the CWB office as soon as possible:

  • Check when your audit is scheduled and set a reminder for yourself.
  • Notify CWB immediately if your contact details or the contact person have changed.
  • Notify CWB in writing if you are unable to attend the audit for any reason. The notice must be given at least 2 weeks before the audit is scheduled to take place. Note that the audit can only be moved once.
  • Notify CWB if the auditor has not contacted you at least one week in advance telephonically or via email to confirm the date and time of the scheduled audit.
  • Familiarize yourself with the criteria of CWB that apply to your business. The CWB audit booklet can be downloaded at
  • If you are unsure about any of the requirements you can contact CWB directly or schedule a farm visit before the audit. To schedule a farm audit please send an email to
  • Notify CWB immediately on the day of the audit if the auditor has not contacted you and failed to carry out the audit, to avoid being billed for a failed audit due to lack of attendance.

Compliance with the CWB protocol, as well as the successful completion of the audit, remains the responsibility of all CWB members. The office is available to assist with any enquiries. As well as making farm visits before the start of the audit. Contact Tumi in the office by email at or by phone at +27514921852. The auditors (CPG) can also be contacted by email at or and by phone at +27 10 010 0685 or +27 76 145 9149.