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Once-off DNA SNP offer / Eenmalige DNASNP-aanbod

We negotiated a special parentage SNP offer for R390.00 with Neogen, of which the Society will subsidize R100.00 so that you only pay R290.00 (Vat excl.). This offer is available until March 2022 (exclusively for sires and dams, and calves older than 12 months). The new SNP technology will over time allow Wagyu producers to […]

Once-off DNA SNP offer | Eenmalige DNA SNP-aanbod

Certified Wagyu Beef, with the assistance of the other LRF breed Societies is pleased to announce that it has secured a very good once-off special price on SNP tests. Certified Wagyu Beef met die bystand van die ander LRF-ras genootskappe kondig graag aan dat die LRF ‘n baie goeie eenmalige spesiale prys op SNP-toetse beding het.

Beef Brands Challenge Winner – Protea Reserve Wagyu Co

‘Genuine, fresh, juicy and delicious are just a few words to describe our Wagyu beef. We are proud to announce that Protea Reserve Wagyu Co succeeded to win the grain-fed category and also to become be the overall winner of the Beef Brands Challenge 2021 sponsored by the SA Feedlot Association (SAFA) and the African […]

Wagyu Social development report released at AGM

Purpose:Getting developing farmers engaged in farming with a niche product such as Wagyu is one of the corporate goals of the Wagyu Breed Society. Target commercially orientated emerging farmers that want to be part of a value chain that produces high value beef. Report will focus on the activities from the 13th of May to […]

Wagyu SA in good financial shape; AGM Report (WSA AGM Financial report)

Financial Committee: As the board representative of finances, together with the CEO, we are pleased to present the financial report for the Wagyu Society of South Africa for the 2020–2021 financial year, ending June 2021. Executive summary:The overall financial position of the WSA is positive with a profit of R395 000 and is supported by […]