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Selection Indexes

Our producers now receive monthly genetic evaluations that covers both growth and carcass traits. We now have the following records being analysed: Birth Weight: 16425 200 day weight: 21216 400 day weight: 15059 600 day weight: 15081 Mature weight: 1979 Carcass weight: 4361 Carcass Eye muscle 2694 Carcass IMF (marbling) 5367   Estimated Breeding Values […]

Feed Efficiency Test Opportunity

Feed remains a critical component in the production costs of your Wagyu enterprise. The Breed Improvement Committee recognises this and has set as an objective to have feed efficiency included as an EBV and yet to be developed Selection Index. The Sernick test facility is fully booked until the end of the year. The ZimMeyer […]

Wagyu staff back in the old office

After a year of working from home, the staff have moved back into the original office in Bloemfontein. A reminder that all DNA hair and Tissue samples to be sent to:  PostNet Suite 12, Private Bag X7003, Langenhoven Park, 9301. We are ever mindful that we have a huge responsibility to our members to keep […]

CPG CWB farm and value chain audits

In my view it’s to ensure that the consumer is assured that the product being consumed is authentic, has a quality standard and the integrity of product is unquestionable. To be successful as producers we need to ensure that this high value product meets certain standards. Through CWB, we can make the following claims: The […]