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World Wagyu Council Launches website

After a lot of hard work, we are excited to announce that the World Wagyu Council (WWC) has officially launched its website. Since November 2020, the Wagyu Society of South Africa (WSA) has been the secretariate to the World Wagyu Council. The Council aims to enhance the international brand of Wagyu for the benefit of all its member countries. Wagyu breed associations and societies from countries across the globe make up the WWC. These countries are dedicated to promoting and developing the integrity of the Wagyu breed and brand internationally. Having a website dedicated to the initiatives of the WWC has been one of the primary focus areas. As secretariate its development and implementation were driven by WSA. We would like to thank all the WWC member countries for their contribution to the website. All Wagyu enthusiasts are invited to have a look at the website

First Senior Inspection Course held at the Wagyu Experience

On the 24th of August 2022, the Society held its annual inspection course. Starting in the morning with the Junior inspection course. In the afternoon the Society held its first Senior Inspection course. The day was presented by Charl Hunlun. As always Charl eagerly shared his experience with everyone. We would like to thank Charl for his time and the Wagyu Experience for the use of their facilities. Congratulations to our new Senior Inspectors:

Stefan Terblanche

Waldo Scheepers

Bianca Scheepers

Peter Knipe

Karen Hoffman

Measuring NFI on an Individual Animal Basis

Calculating net feed intake (NFI) requires measuring both feed intake and body weight gain at the same time. Historically, while it has been possible to measure feed intake on a pen-basis, doing so on the individual animal level was too cumbersome and impractical to be commercially viable. With the introduction of Vytelle’s Beef Genetics Program, the ability to do so is now practical end economical for on-farm testing. Producers can access individual animal data and the analytic tools and the support to select for feed efficiency — arguably the single most valuable trait in beef production. Animal intakes and body weights are recorded with our Feed Intake Nodes and In-Pen Weighing Positions to help you maximize profits, select for low NFI cattle and breed confidently.

The Feed Intake Nodes measure individual feed intake and feed behavior. The In-Pen Weighing Positions in front of the water trough use RFID-enabled metalwork to capture each animal’s identification when it comes to the trough, along with capturing partial body weights for every second it takes a drink. Those measurements are then calculated to provide daily live weights, average daily gains (ADG), growth trends and a host of other parameters. Coupled together, you can utilize data to support your decisions to accurately identify cattle with the highest and lowest NFI values in a shorter time frame than traditional NFI trials. This system allows incredibly accurate feed intake and weight measurement information that can be used to determine the feed efficiency of individual animals.

Unpacking the Wagyu Toolbox

There are several tools’ Wagyu breeders have access to, that can help them build a successful business. Our speakers covered various relevant topics and sparked interesting discussions amongst attendees. The day was attended by over 80 participants. The presentations for our speakers can be found on our website at Thank you to all our sponsors and speakers that contributed to the tremendously successful event. Special thanks to Allee Bleue Wine Estate, Charmaine Alberts, Waldo Scheepers, Deja Nienaber, and the Society office staff for their hard work organizing the event.

Our quote of the day is:

“Rather eat Wagyu Beef!” – Prof Eddie Webb on the health and nutritional benefit of Wagyu fat.

The day concluded with a gala dinner and prize giving. Congratulations to all our award recipients.

  • Completeness of Performance – Animal Details (<100) HUGOMOND WAGYU Sponsored by Karoo Wagyu
  • Completeness of Performance – Animal Details (>100) AP SCHUTTE Sponsored by Infracor Stud Breeders
  • Completeness of Performance – Animal Details (CWB) BORN TO HUNT SAFARIS Sponsored by Sernick & Skrik van Rondom
  • Completeness of Performance – Birth & Fertility (<100) FREDERICKSBURG WAGYU Sponsored by Trifill Wagyu
  • Completeness of Performance – Birth & Fertility (>100) GLEN WALTON WAGYUS Sponsored by Ebuhlanti Wagyu Breeders
  • Completeness of Performance – Birth & Fertility (CWB) BEYOND BEEF Sponsored by Unistel Medical Laboratories & Elandsberg Farms
  • Completeness of Performance – Weights (<100) STELLA WAGYU (PTY) LTD Sponsored by Vytelle
  • Completeness of Performance – Weights (>100) EBUHLANTI WAGYU BREEDERS Sponsored by Zuney Wagyu
  • Completeness of Performance – Weights (CWB) HOVE FARMING CC Sponsored by Morgan Beef & Foods of Tomorrow
  • Completeness of Performance – Carcass data (<100) EBUHLANTI WAGYU BREEDERS & LLEWELYN ANGUS TRUST Sponsored by Platinum Beef
  • Completeness of Performance – Carcass data (>100) BEYOND BEEF Sponsored by Molatek & Cavalier
  • Completeness of Performance – Carcass data (CWB) ROSENDAL TRUST Sponsored by CPG
  • Completeness of Performance – Overall (<100) FREDERICKSBURG WAGYU Sponsored by Stella Wagyu (Pty) Ltd
  • Completeness of Performance – Overall (>100) GLEN WALTON WAGYUS Sponsored by Kiruwashi Wagyu
  • Completeness of Performance – Overall (CWB) TEHILA BOERDERY BK Sponsored by LA Farms
  • Breeder with most SNP files on record (<100) TRIFILL WAGYU Sponsored by Allflex
  • Breeder with most SNP files on record (>100) BEYOND BEEF Sponsored by Protea Wagyu Reserve Company

Meet the newly elected board

The Society and CWB successfully held its first amalgamated AGM on the 25th of August at Allee Bleue Wine Estate, Franschhoek. Some of the achievements shared during the meeting include an increase in overall Society and CWB animal numbers. Nampo 2022 where 5200 burgers were sold and launching of the Society selection Indexes. There are still some challenges that remain, such as FMD and the effect on exports that must be addressed. Johan de Vos, Gerhard van der Burgh and Deja Nienaber has come to the end of their term on the board and have decided to step down. On behalf of the Society and CWB we would like to express our sincerest gratitude for their time and service. Three new board members were elected during the AGM. Congratulations to Bob Hobson, Karen Hoffman, and Fritz Bezuidenhout, we wish you Goodluck with your endeavors!

Bob Hobson – President

Francois Loots – Vice-President & Certified Wagyu Beef

Johan Strydom – Corporate Governance and Finance

Waldo Scheepers – Breed Improvement

Dr Baldwin Nengovhela – Social Development

Karen Hoffman – Marketing

Fritz Bezuidenhout – CWB Value Chain Logistics