Newsletter 2017 Dec

Australian visit highlights

Some of the highlights of this visit include:

  • Understanding the size of the industry in Australia and the number of producers who have established themselves as industry leaders.
  • The impact that Wagyu is having on the whole industry and the scientific community.
  • The buy-in from the major feedlots to feed Wagyu.
  • Presenting our MOU to the board for a combined genetic evaluation and the possibility for being included in the Single Step evaluation sometime next year.
  • The understanding that the Wagyu industry in Australia exports 80% of its product to high value markets.
  • Understanding the capacity that has been developed at the Australian Wagyu Society with a CEO who has PhD in animal genetics and highly trained technical staff, including Carel Teseling an ex-South African. The Australian Wagyu have genotyped nearly 5000 animals and have the same number of carcass measurements.
  • Meeting the top producers, industry participants, Scientists and Staff at AGBU and ABRI.
  • Wagyu cows are well adapted to all environments.
  • Some Australian producers are Breeding Wagyu as early as 12 months and weaning them as early as possible (even 3 months might be adequate). Creep feeding is important for many of their producers and it is suggested that they should then go onto pellets as early as possible.
  • We have invited Chairman Peter Gilmore and Gerhard Oberholzer to our AGM next year, and Scott de Bruin to possibly assist us at Nampo. We have also invited Matt McDonagh to the 2019 AGM and conference.